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ULX reserved slots - Developers - Facepunch Forum I'm trying to setup reserved slots for my server in ULX, I can't get it to work. I don't want people to get the reserved slot message when they join, so if the server is full and a person with reserved slot access tries to join he will just kick a person so he can get in. [CODE]ulx.convar( "rslotsMode", "0", " - Sets the slots mode.

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[Любая игра] - Connect Basic Reserve Slots |… Connect Basic Reserve Slots Текущая версия: 1.0 Описание: Освобождает слот при полном сервере.Описание: Освобождает слот при полном сервере. Админа с флагом рут пропускает без пароля. Insurgency-dy-sourcemod/hreservedslots.phrases.txt at… "Phrases". { "no free slots". { "en" "This slot is reserved for admins". "pl" "Ten slot jest zarezerwowany dla adminów"."hu" "Ez a slot kellett egy adminnak". } "server offers to reconnect". { "en" " This slot is reserved. Press F3 to accept redirection". postgresql - Heroku "psql: FATAL: remaining connection … I'm developing an app on Heroku with a Postgresql backend. Periodically, I get this error message when trying to access the database, both from the CLI and from loading a page on the server: psql: FATAL: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections. Reserved Slots - The Unreal Admins Page - Forums

Simple to use reserve slots plugin with Permissions(v2.5.*) support Provides functionality for 2 reserve slot methods: Full method: Users with 'simplereserve.enter.full' may enter past the imposed player limit Kick method: Users withSponsored content. Subject: Re: Reserving slots for Admins and Builders.

ULX with no commands just reserved slot setting | Forum ULX is the only addon that I have found that works correct with the reserved slots. My new server is 18 slot, but I wanted tox/16 with non admins on server, x/17 with 1 admin and x/18 with 2 admins. I have tried Sourcemods versions and it... mani_reserve_slots_include_admin 1 | Форум - CSmania.RU