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Host a Texas Hold'em Poker Party | Better Homes & Gardens For a fun night in with a few friends, host a casual poker party. We've got tips for playing the game, themed decor ideas, and more for this inexpensive get-together. Food for poker night? Ideas anyone? : recipes - Make some tasty, chewy brownies but bake them in a mini muffin pan (or something else that makes small, individual end products so they're easy to eat without getting both hands gross or getting crumbs all over the table). I don't like poker, so if I had to sit through a poker night, there had better be some form of chocolate available.

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Ideas For Snacks For A Poker Night? | Yahoo Answers Try sesame seeds, brazil nuts, dried papaya, pecans, chex cereal, pretzels, and macadamia nuts. Think 'finger food' - you don't want to go too elaborate here. The night is for playing poker and you want to be able to play and not have to eat with a fork or knife.... Poker Party - Rachael Ray Every Day

Since the games can last awhile, it’s best to offer food that will last through the night and food that can be snacked on. For lower budget games, consider snacks like chips, nuts, party mix, popcorn, pretzels and other inexpensive items that can easily be consumed with one hand while playing.

what are good finger foods to serve at... | Yahoo… Guys really like the little sausage's in bbq sauce I get a crock pot put about four packages of the little sausages in cut up a med onion and a pound of bacon (cut up) inch size bites cover with your favorite bbq sauce and about a 1/4 cup brown sugar. Snacks for Poker Night - Mamapedia Snacks for Poker Night. Updated on July 24, 2009.My husband is having some of his buddies over this weekend to play poker. I'm trying to figure out what kind of snacks to have.It is really good. If you want to have something more like dinner food I would make a chicken taco mix ina crock pot. Poker Night | 30 Minute Meals | Food Network

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Mar 27, 2018 · Explore the best casino theme party tips, decorations, equipment, venue and refreshments for adults. Find the top tips to host a fun and thrilling themed casino night party event. Good snacks for board game nights : boardgames I'm hosting a board game night with some friends this weekend and i'm looking for some good snack ideas that don't crumb or grease up boardgame pieces. I want us to have something tasty to munch on without making cards and tokens dirty. What kind of snacks are good to serve … What Kinds of Snacks Are Good for Card Night? | Our