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For you Far Cry fans out there, you might be wondering why there aren't multiple save files in Far Cry 4. Luckily, I have found a nice work around that allows for as many saves and checkpoints as you wish.

Far Cry 3 Manual Save Game File Pc With 3 Missions Completed Multiple saved games on Far Cry 4 on PC. is separate from your game my manually. One of my friend is also playing FC4 and is stuck in the middle of 2nd mission. As i have completed the same, he wants my Save File but i am not able to get. I bought it through steam So my game folder was Steam Community :: Guide :: Multiple saves backup tutorial It's a common knowledge that in Far Cry 4 the developers left us with only ONE save slot. So the only way to have more than one slot is to backup your saves manually along the game. That way you could replay the game from any point - it's like a home-made multiple save slots. It also creates a sort ... Will we ever get multiple save slots? :: Far Cry 4 General ...

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Installation Directory: Far Cry 4/data_win32. To be on the save side (the other side from sorry) make a backup of the patch_hd and patch_hd.fat before youYou can use this mod with any save, but since the requirements for leveling have been raised drastically, it is possible that you will spend a long time... Скачать сохранения для Far Cry 4. Сейвы на игру

Multiple Save Files? :: Far Cry 5 General Discussions Far Cry 4 - PC: Video Games 2. No weather affects unless you call wind a weather affect! One of my favorite thing was storms in Far Cry 2. This game, not one! 3. No multiple save options in campaign mode. Sometimes I like to save a new slot so I can go back later. Nope not this time. 4. No option to make it virtually impossible to beat. I like games that ramp up the Far Cry 4 Review: Surviving War and Wildlife | Shacknews Nov 18, 2014 · Far Cry 4 Review: Surviving War and Wildlife. Far Cry 4 takes you to the land of Kyrat, a country with a deep spiritual history that is torn apart by civil war. Does the game have the will to survive?

Far Cry 4 had a lot of vertical-ness to it and it sometimes felt like a jungle gym. Lastly, this one was a big annoyance for the whole game: aim assist. I have the PS4 version.

News: Far Cry 5 May Get Multiple Save Feature | The Games Dec 21, 2014 · News: Far Cry 5 May Get Multiple Save Feature. You fire up a brand new game and save it as a different file and hey presto, you have two save games. Unfortunately Far Cry 4 doesn’t have this feature so if you finish the game but fancy traipsing through Kyrat afresh, you’ll have to save over your current save-game. ... How to Save Your Game in Far Cry 5 | Attack of the Fanboy Mar 28, 2018 · Saving your game in Far Cry 5 can be done in two ways. The first way is to manually save (if the option is available). The second is to allow the game to auto-save your progress. Unfortunately, Far Cry 5 does not feature the option to have multiple save slots. Option 1 — Manual Save Far Cry 5: How to Save the Game - GameRevolution Mar 27, 2018 · How to Save in Far Cry 5. When you click on the save game button in Far Cry 5 you won’t get a box that appears asking you to pick a save slot or even just saying “Game Saved.” Instead ... Far Cry 5 - how to get more weapon slots - VG247